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I am an intuitive. There are many names to describe people like me.
Empath: I feel what others around me are feeling
Psychic: I can see past, future and present events
Medium: I can communicate with people that have passed, angels and others.


I have had these abilities my whole life. Actually I have had these same abilities in my past lives also. It has taken me a while to share what I can do because I've had so many past lives were my gifts were not received well by the people around me. In a time before electricity  I remember being chased by my  whole village carrying torches as they were screaming my name. I made a prediction or had knowledge of information that freaked the town out! The history of our cultures haven't been kind to people like me. 
I believe your angels and spirit guides are trying to communicate with you in many ways. But for some reason your not getting the messages. This is why there are people like me in the world. I think of myself as a translator. I communicate to you what your angels, spirit guides or family want you to know.

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