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The Intuition Workshop will be a series of 6 classes covering:

Grounding, guided mediations to help connect you with your spirit guides. Etiquette of giving messages, Protection, Blocking energy, Energy vampires and so much more ! We will be using crystals to help enhance and accelerate our objectives. This will be an interactive experience where you will be practicing different techniques. Join me for all 6 classes or come to some, bear in mind that all classes build upon each other so its more beneficial to attend them all.

1st class:

The first class will start with defining how your receive your intuitive information. Techniques on grounding and different ways to ground. You will also be learning how to get more out of the information that you are picking up. As well as when to open up and when to close down and so much more! Plus you will be in a non judgement zone, to practice.

2nd Class:

The second class will focus on connecting with your spirit guides and how using tools can help. The tools we will focus on are: Dowsing rods, Pendulums, Runes, Muscle testing and Tarot cards.


3rd Class:

This class will dive into different techniques on receiving messages. The etiquette of sharing information and messages and when to share a message and when to wait.


4th Class:

One of the most important aspects of exploring energy and increasing your intuition is knowing how to protect yourself and your home. In this class you will learn how to block negative energy and energy vampires. If you can only make it to one class this is the class. Because knowing your protected strengthens your confidence in your guides.

5th Class:

Channeling is a technique were a medium is translating information giving from another being that is not physically here on Earth.  There are many levels to this type of communication. In this class I will talk about the different ways of channeling, how to prepare for a channeling with a group, and all the protocol associated with channeling to keep yourself working within the light. I will do a channeling session during this class. 


6th Class

In this class I will touch on the information given from all  5 classes as a review because so much information is given in workshop. This is a great time to ask more individual questions about your own experiences practicing reading people. I will bring in a few guests for you to practice your new found reading skills 

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Each class is only $40

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